Blair War Crimes Foundation

aim: to bring tony blair to trial

2011 update – the campaign continues

Members of the Blair War Crimes Foundation have been busy compiling a set of short films related to the forthcoming Chilcot report – they can be viewed on the YouTube channel – ChilcotReports

On the subject of Chilcot, although not a current signatory to our campaign, it is clear that General Sir Michael Rose is of like mind. Read his Daily Mail article on the shortcomings of Chilcot and the need for a criminal trial.

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February 2010 update

With new revelations from the Chilcott Inquiry, we are now supporting Professor Bowring’s approach to the International Criminal Court – see new page

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BWCF – Blair War Crimes Foundation

blair-whiteUS Presidential Medal of Freedom

Tony Blair was awarded the US Presidential Medal of Freedom
by George Bush, while Israel attacked Gaza in January 2009


Little Ali’s injuries were caused in Iraq during the first week of “Operation Shock and Awe” by a very intense and short-lived thermal radiation. He lost his arms – as the image shows, they were incinerated.



Blair’s £3.6million London town house compared to some Iraqi civilian housing after the first wave of “Shock and Awe”


Iraqi girl, aged 8, forced by US army to identify corpses, and TV interview highlighting the massive unemployment caused by war

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