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Deformed baby, Fallujah post 2004

MEANWHILE the Iraq war is becoming one of the worst war crimes in history.
Sky Television reported on 1 September 2009 that there had been a catastrophic rise in birth defects and cancers in Fallujah since the attack by allied forces in November 2004.
A grave digger in a cemetery was burying 4 to 6 babies a day. Statistically this is attributed to depleted uranium, white phosphorous and other toxic weapons used against the population. The Rt Hon Clare Short wrote to the UK Department for International Development on behalf of Dr Chris Burns-Cox. She received an astonishing reply that there were only 2 to 3 birth deformities a year in Fallujah.

This lie, along with the lies of the UK Ministry of Defence, means that no action is being taken to stop the use of these weapons, nor to clear them up, nor even to put notices up round tank dumps and bombed sites saying KEEP OUT, which means that children and adults are dying horrendous deaths, and young women are advised by Imams not to have children. Women are terrified of pregnancy throughout Iraq.

NASA picture of dust storm over Iraq July 2009

Another catastrophic consequence of this wickedness is that it is carried beyond state borders. In July 2009 there was the worst dust storm ever recorded in Iraq, which spread into the stratosphere over Iran and the Gulf States carrying with it the alpha radioactive particles which damage for ever the chromosomes of humans, plants, animals and fish. This is the legacy of Blair and Bush and their colleagues.
No punishment for these men will ever undo what they have done.

Google “The Deformed Babies of Fallujah” (for example:-, refer to Sky TV films, and request to United Nation Security Council for action.

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